More About Right-On School

  • Established in 1967 by St. Simon Cyrene Church (until 1988), and then St. Luke & St Simon Cyrene Church (until 2013). We continue to have a close relationship with St. Luke & St. Simon Cyrene Church.
  • Mornings are spent in the classroom, which provides the children with a summer school experience designed to focus on strengthening and helping maintain reading, writing and mathematical skills.
  • Afternoons incorporate culturally diverse and enrichment experiences that enhance self-worth and career awareness in a positive, caring and safe environment.
  • Exposure to positive role models and grade focused activities enhance children’s learning experience.
  • Music and dance skills are encouraged through our Artist in Residence programs.
  • Weekly trips to area, state and county parks, museums, and skating
  • Children “give something back” when they perform on Appreciation Night every year.
  • Right-On School provides a fun way to learn!